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325,000 Americans die each year of sudden cardiac arrest. Some of these deaths could be prevented through the timely use of a defibrillator. The inability to locate AEDs in such emergency situations greatly reduces their intended life-saving impact. You can help by reporting locations of AEDs throughout Philadelphia. We are a group of scientists from MIT, UCSD, Masdar Institute, and University of Southampton participating in the MyHeartMap challenge organized by UPenn to create a complete and up-to-date map of AEDs in Philadelphia. In the process, we are researching validation methods and incentives and will share our findings with practitioners and with you, right here on SciStarter! There are 3 ways you can contribute as part of our team: 1. report locations of unlisted AEDs in Philadelphia 2. invite others to participate 3. verify questionable AED locations If our team finds the most AEDs, the prize money of $10,000 will be split among the participants in proportion to their contribution. Any leftover amount will be donated to charity (we are not keeping any money).