Everyone can participate in the CrowdWater project! All you need is a smartphone with a camera and the CrowdWater app. Learn more about CrowdWater: https://scistarter.org/crowdwater But what can you observe with it? You can collect data about water levels in streams and lakes, soil moisture, the dynamics of temporary streams, plastic pollution and describe different stream types. The long-term goal of the project is to collect enough data that it can be used to improve the prediction of hydrological events, such as droughts or floods. We would like to invite you to our webinars for Citizen Science Month, hosted in partnership with SciStarter, to describe the background of our project and the CrowdWater app! In the first webinar (register on Zoom: http://bit.ly/CrowdWaterGetStarted), we will give background information on the project, show you how to use the app, and explain why different measurements are useful. After this webinar, you will have one week to try out the app. You can take measurements at your favorite water bodies. Then we will meet again and answer your questions and maybe you will have some feedback for us in the second webinar (register on Zoom: http://bit.ly/CrowdWaterAskQuestions). We are always happy to hear your opinion and your experiences with the app. We are looking forward to meeting you in April! P.S. We will also have a small surprise for you in the webinars. ;)
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