This week on SciStarter LIVE! we'll be classifying photos of wildlife from the Southern Hemisphere where spring is in full bloom! That's right, when it is autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, it is spring in the Southern Hemisphere and vice versa! Powered by iNaturalist, the Australia-based Great Southern BioBlitz engages people annually in citizen science by recording and classifying observations of living wild organisms during parts of October and November. SciStarter LIVE! is a weekly event where you can join us on Zoom or watch the live stream on SciStarter’s Facebook page as we work through a citizen science project together. We’ll demonstrate the project and answer your questions. If you register, we will email you a link to the recording. Before the event, be sure to sign up for a SciStarter account at if you haven't already and have a look at the featured project. Great Southern Bioblitz 2022 - Identification Project: See you on November 1, 2022 at 2pm ET!