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The Carnegie Institution for Science's Earth and Planets Laboratory is pleased to announce our upcoming Neighborhood Lecture on April 28, 2022, at 6:30 PM EDT. This free science event is part of our annual public lecture series. During the talk, Carnegie Staff Scientist Dr. Peter Gao will take you on a tour of distant worlds like you've never seen before! Gao will introduce you to some of the Milky Way's most enigmatic exoplanets and spotlight some of the observations that will take place in the first year of the James Webb Space Telescope's (JWST) operations. If you're into astronomy, there's a high chance you've heard about the recent launch of JWST. You also probably have an idea of how this telescope heralds a new age in the exploration of our universe—the study of exoplanets in particular. This lecture will provide a unique chance to ask questions and go behind the scenes with Dr. Peter Gao, one of two Earth and Planets Laboratory astronomers to secure coveted observing time on the next-gen telescope. (Across the Carnegie Science divisions, we have an out-sized total of seven Carnegie and Carnegie-affiliated scientists who are leading projects that will be among the first to make observations with JWST.) For more than fifteen years, the Carnegie Institution for Science's Earth and Planets Laboratory has hosted public science lectures at our Broad Branch Road campus in northwest Washington, D.C. These are the perfect events for scientists, science enthusiasts, students, and folks who just want to spend an evening learning something new! We hope to see you there!