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Stubb's Creek Forest Reserve is one of the 3 gazetted forest reserves in Akwa Ibom State. About two decades ago, reports from national and international researches documented various fauna resources categorized into five main groups; rodents, reptiles, ungulates, aves and primates. it formed a range for many flagship species like Sclater's guenon, Red-capped mangabey, bush buck, Python , Crocodiles, and African civet.It was a hotspot for many valuable rainforest trees, shrubs and herbs Of economic, climatic and medicinal values. There has been total absence of any sustainable management activities in all 3 reserves including Stubb's Creek For over 12 years thus exposing the reserve to indiscriminate human activities with grave impacts. Ibom Greener Project Nigeria is partnering with relevant government ministries, Agencies, community groups and traditional rulers to implement activities aimed at sustainable management of Stubb's Creek Forest Reserve.