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Hoosiers of every age are invited to be stewards of the environment - and you don't have to leave your house! Observe birds in the winter through the window from the comfort of your couch, track changes in plants in your backyard, or just keep an eye out for butterflies on your lunch break! Indiana Backyard Observers offers the chance for everyone to observe and record the seasonal changes in nature - called phenophases - to help scientists, land managers, farmers, and policymakers make informed decisions about our environment. Whether you're looking for a way to help solve the challenges of climate change or if you want to help the fight against invasives - or if you just really love to be outdoors - Indiana Backyard Observers is a great project for you! Observers can use a phone or tablet to record their observations on the free Nature's Notebook app. You don't need service for your device! Once you're done observing, find a place with free WiFi and sync your observations. Alternative, you can use datasheets to record your observations and manually enter them on a computer with internet access.