Registration for our training workshop is open! Visit to register. The monarch population has seriously declined over the last twenty years. To protect these beautiful, iconic pollinators, it is crucial that we have high quality information on their distribution, habitat availability, and habitat quality. The Monarch Joint Venture needs volunteer citizen scientists like you to join us for a summer of data collection in Minnesota. As a citizen scientist you will adopt a site to monitor for one day per month. You will count adult and immature monarchs, count milkweed plants, and survey the abundance of flowering plant food sources. Your involvement will contribute to a nationwide monarch conservation effort, and you will gain conservation biology fieldwork experience in the process. Some activities are moderately strenuous, requiring repeated bending and traversal of difficult terrain. Anyone wishing to take part in this project should attend a free, two-day training workshop held at the at the Minnesota River National Wildlife Reserve in Bloomington on the 29th and 30th of July. This workshop will provide citizen scientists with the tools and expertise they need to conduct high-quality monitoring for the rest of the summer. Register for the workshop at: to register Please address any questions to