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The Montana State University Science Math Resource Center and, an NSF-supported online hub of more than 3,000 citizen science projects, events & tools, present this workshop designed specifically for MSU graduate students (but is open to all!). A citizen science project is a collaboration between scientists and curious, motivated citizens who volunteer to move science forward: collecting and sharing photos on clouds, birds or water; analyzing tweets to predict COVID outbreaks; solving puzzles to design specialized RNA-based medicines and sensors; and more! No matter your field or area of graduate study, this informal discussion will spark ideas about how citizen science can be a valuable component of your academic and professional career, including: • Citizen science as part of your degree program • Citizen science in grants, broader impacts and program management • The relevance of citizen science for academic and non-academic careers Speakers include • Dr. Caren Cooper, North Carolina State University • Bradley Allf, PhD student at NCSU who specializes in citizen science research • Darlene Cavalier, founder of SciStarter and Professor of Practice at Arizona State University • Deron Ash, Director of Programs at ASU School for the Future of Innovation in Society • Caroline Nickerson, SciStarter Program Manager Whether you want to create your own project, harness the data from another or simply share your own observations to help the scientific community, this workshop is for you!