Sahithi Pingali was one of six young scientists featured in the documentary INVENTING TOMORROW, tackling the problem of global water quality and pollution with citizen science. She created WaterInsights, a platform for crowdsourcing water monitoring. The WaterInsights app is currently in development, which, in combination with a testing kit, will allow participants to upload their data, access data visualizations, and create a dynamically updated Water Health Map of the World. The WaterInsights team will aggregate this data and use machine learning algorithms to make predictions and gain deeper insights into water quality across the world. Using this analysis, governments, non-profits, industries, and the public can learn the safety levels of different water bodies at any time, view how pollutants are changing over time, compare water bodies across the globe, and get recommendations on how to best combat pollution. 

While the app is in development, the first five hundred participants who sign up have the opportunity to sign up for the project, receive a free water testing kit, and then upload their data through SciStarter. 

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