Investigate how weather and climate change are impacting our communities and environment. The ISeeChange project is a global community that documents local changes in environment, weather, and climate. Each post is synced with weather and climate data, which is broadcast to the community to investigate bigger picture climate trends. Community members use this information to track climate changes over time and how this impacts daily life. Join us online for an introduction to citizen science, to learn more about summer reading, and to learn how to participate in this citizen science project through a presentation and online Q&A. Meet Samantha Harrington of the ISeeChange project. She’ll be in conversation with Caitlin Souza of the San Benito County Free Library. Join us on Zoom and submit your own questions on the Q&A/Chat features during the event. This event is supported by San Benito County Free Library, the Network of the National of Libraries of Medicine, All of Us, and SciStarter. Want to explore the project before the event? Check out