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As a teacher or parent, do you want to support kids in working with big data sets? BSCS Science Learning has introduced Invitations to Inquiry, free instructional activities designed to engage middle and high school students with community and citizen science data hosted on FieldScope ( FieldScope is BSCS’s newly-redesigned, interactive platform for collecting, visualizing, and analyzing data—and many teachers and students are currently using it to participate in local and global citizen science projects. With the Invitations to Inquiry, students can explore FieldScope’s advanced mapping and graphing tools to dig deeper into data in the context of meaningful (1-3 day) science classroom lessons. Each Inquiry also presents an opportunity for students to get outside and collect data of their own. Learn more about FieldScope: In this webinar, BSCS science educators will demonstrate how to navigate one of the Inquiries using FieldScope. If you would like examples of how to learn with data generated by community and citizen science projects, this webinar is for you!