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The LaMotte Tracer Pocket Tester provides a digital salinity reading of water. Various models offer additional tests as well such as salinity plus pH, TDS, or Temperature. Review from Julie Vastine: "We don't know how well they perform in brackish water but when we tested 11 meters under $200 for conductivity, the most accurate, precise, and volunteer friendly was the LaMotte Tracer Pocket Tester (~$100). We chose this meter to do baseline conductivity testing in PA streams (50-600 uS/cm) and capture potential shale gas flowback water (<20,000 uS/cm). The data use goal was a regulatory red flag for state agencies to do follow up testing. It compares well with our lab bench top probe. It has three calibration ranges (84, 1413, and 12,800 uS/cm). The salinity readings with the pocket tester uses a ratio conversion factor based on the conductivity values."