Have you been enjoying the wildflowers around Fresh Pond this summer? Do you ever wonder what types of pollinators also enjoy them? Join participatory scientists from Earthwise Aware and Ranger Tim on Sunday, September 24th at 1:00 p.m. at Lusitania Meadow to learn how you can help document arthropod activity around Fresh Pond and your neighborhood. Spend part of your afternoon with us in the meadow and learn how to identify arthropods and their host plants, and how to document their activity, length, abundance, and developmental stage. You'll record your findings with our new mobile app, EwA Buggy, which participants should register for ahead of time by downloading the Anecdata app (instructions) and joining the EwA Buggy project. Bonuses—Helping support urban conservation and a renewed sense of wonder! ⓘ https://www.anecdata.org/projects/view/ewa-buggy