The EwA naturalist team introduces how to document and help beneficial insect communities in urban green spaces and gardens. Join us! Do you enjoy the wildflowers of urban parks or your own garden? Ever wonder which types of pollinators also enjoy them? Join participatory scientists from Earthwise Aware (EwA) and Ranger Tim at Lusitania Meadow to learn how you can help document arthropod activity around Fresh Pond and in your neighborhood. ⚠ Important Note: Please do not be a no-show! If you’re unable to attend, kindly inform us a few days beforehand so we can offer your spot to someone else. ◇ Rendezvous Location: The exact rendezvous is 42.386788, -71.145997 (click the coordinates to see the location on Google Maps). ✉ For any questions, you can contact EwA at ⓘ More about the EwA Buggy Project at