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Use the following ads on your library’s social media platforms to bring awareness of citizen science to your community, feature your library project kits, and to promote citizen science programs. Suggested link:  Ads for Use on LinkedIn (1200x627 px) Suggested headline: Check Out a Citizen Science Kit at Your Library Suggested short description: Check out a Citizen Science Kit at your library to monitor biodiversity, measure light pollution, and more! Suggested long description: Check out citizen science kits at your local library! Each kit has everything you need to get started on a self-guided project to help scientists answer questions they can’t answer without you!" Suggested link: Click on the image to download. Exploring Biodiversity Exploring BiodiversityMeasuring Light in the Night Observing PollinatorsBird MigrationMeasuring Light in the Night Exploring BiodiversityExploring BiodiversityCrowd the Tap Mosquito Habitat MapperObserving PollinatorsMeasuring Light in the Night