The South Carolina Aquarium encourages citizens, no matter where you are located, to track and remove plastics and other debris from both land and water. Litter data are critical in identifying the most problematic debris and can be a powerful tool in helping to develop solutions for reducing trash. Collectively, these efforts improve human health, promote habitat conservation, and save wildlife. HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Gather your supplies: bag, gloves, and your smartphone or paper datasheet. Choose any location with litter that you can safely and legally access. Contribute your data: As you pick up litter, document the numbers & types of all the debris items. Include brand names, if possible. Take photos: Team photos with the total amount of litter collected are a great way to document your impact. Remove and properly recycle or dispose of the litter. Above all, have fun, stay safe, and pat yourself on the back for being a hero to the planet! On Thursday April 18 the SDSU Green Team representatives will show you how to do all of this!