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The most common problems are damage to trees (defoliation), taking grain, and disturbing residents with loud vocalisations. They can also damage buildings, particularly when they chew flashing or wiring, and to tarpaulins, wooden structures, cars and a variety of crops. There is significant public contention regarding corella management. The research Little corellas perching. Photo courtesy of Ashley Whitworth/Shutterstock. Little corellas perching (Cacatua sanguinea). Photo courtesy of Ashley Whitworth/Shutterstock. This research project will focus on sites where little corellas are problematic. We will utilise the existing knowledge and ideas of local communities to explore what makes particular sites problematic. We will then work with local communities to collect data to test ideas. We would like to better understand factors that lead to particular sites being popular with flocks of little corellas and problems for the local community. The project has been designed to help all stakeholders make informed decisions about little corellas. The project has been designed and timed so that results can be input into a new Little Corella Management Plan for South Australia.