Looking for a way to engage students in environmental education that works equally well in a virtual or in-person format? NEEF will teach educators about citizen science through a webinar co-hosted with SciStarter, an online citizen science hub. The webinar will walk viewers through the process of creating, developing, and implementing a citizen science project. Speakers and presenting groups include: ++ Caroline Nickerson from SciStarter will review how to register a new citizen science project through the online database. ++ Jessica Taylor, NASA Langley GLOBE Partnership lead and principal investigator for GLOBE Clouds, will provide an introduction to the citizen science tool GLOBE Observer ++ Susan Sachs, Education Branch Coordinator at Great Smoky Mountains National Park, a NEEF grantee who will provide an overview of how they successfully incorporated citizen science into their educational programming. ++ Sean O’Connor, Citizen Science Program Manager, BSCS Science Learning, will provide an overview of FieldScope platform. Educators will walk away with an understanding of a few of the resources and platforms that exist to make creating a citizen science project easy and accessible.