Livingston loves trees. Nearly 4,000 trees grace Livingston's boulevards and public spaces. They bring beauty, provide shade in the summertime, habitat for wildlife and shelter from our infamous wind! But maintaining a healthy community forest is more challenging than ever, and ash trees -- about half of Livingston's community trees -- are threatened by the emerald ash borer, invasive beetles that have already killed millions of ash trees across the country. To mitigate the impacts of climate change and invasive insects and improve the resiliency of our community forest, in 2021 PCEC teamed up with a passionate group of community volunteers, local landscaping businesses and generous donors and launched Livingston Loves Trees. In the inaugural year of the program, empty boulevards sprang to life with new maples, oaks, elms, lindens, honey locusts, flowering crabapples, Japanese lilacs and more. These trees were lovingly watered and cared for by over 60 adoptive families throughout Livingston. Want to help PCEC create a more resilient community forest? There are several ways to help.