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Lost Lizards of Los Angeles needs community volunteers to gather data on lizards in the Los Angeles area. We (the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County) have noticed that in our own backyard, Exposition Park, lizards had not been documented since 1988. This seemed strange, as lizards are common in other parts of Los Angeles, and it led to the question, "Why are there no lizards here?" We hope to answer this question with the Lost Lizards of Los Angeles project. Because lizards are mainly ground dwellers, they are particularly susceptible to the impact of urban development. But there are some very simple ways you can help! All you need to do is follow a few steps to find, take pictures of, and then submit your information about lizards in Los Angeles. Herpetologists and Los Angeles County Natural History Museum staff will use your data to accomplish three goals: 1. Confirm the presence or absence of lizards in Exposition Park in Los Angeles. 2. Find out where lizards DO occur in the Los Angeles Basin. 3. Hypothesize why lizards can survive there. Now, let's go find some lizards!