Join a new archaeological excavation in the land of the Incas in Peru. The site called Machu Colca is near Cusco, which was the capital of the Inca Empire (Tawantinsuyu). The site itself is close to the town of Urubamba within the Sacred Valley. It is here that some of the longest terrace systems in Peru are located. This is a newly discovered site, and we don’t yet have a great deal of info, hence the need to investigate! We know that it is an Inca structure and that the colcas (qolqas) were communal storerooms for food, clothing, tools, weapons etc. There are terrace systems throughout the Sacred Valley so this suggests it was a storeroom for food like maize, potatoes, cereals etc.. The cool, high altitude is another indicator to support that the location was chosen to conserve agricultural produce. You will be an integral part of the Aq’amama Archaeology team during this excavation and ceramic artefact study. No experience is required for this program and you will work hands-on under the guidance and stewardship of our professional archaeologists and anthropologists. Questions are welcome and curiosity is encouraged—this is what motivates us! You will be taught how to work on an archaeological excavation in the field and learn all the skills needed for artefact registry while at the center. You will be treated as an equal by the staff as you assist us on our mission to protect, preserve, and promote Peru’s rich cultural heritage. This program is a mix of excavation at the Machu Colca archaeological dig site and ceramic registry that is run in coordination with the Peruvian Ministry of Culture. All artefact data is recorded and the artefacts themselves will be registered on the National Registry of Cultural Material.