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Join BioBlitz Club for a macrophotography demonstration and a mini BioBlitz at the West Valley College Wildflower Show! West Valley College has a great natural habitat around Vasona Creek that flows along the college. This BioBlitz is part of the City Nature Challenge event - a gobal iNaturalist competition between many cities worldwide. You can join the Bay Area CNC project here, and the global project here. Join us and help the Bay Area win! Arrive early to enjoy the Wildflower Show presentations and vendors - this year's theme is "Bringing Biodiversity Home". Learn how to creat your own California native plant habitat at home, to attract and support local birds and insects. Buy native plants and some merch, and get to know this beautiful campus! The event will take place from 9:30-4:00, the BioBlitz itself will take place between 2-4 pm.