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Let’s Do It! World movement is inviting you to participate in the world’s largest waste mapping and cleaning action in history. We have taken an ambitious goal to map all mismanaged waste in the world to raise the awareness of people and organizations about the waste pollution. We believe that citizen science is the answer. Let’s Do It! has made waste mapping as exciting and as simple as possible. People worldwide can map waste hotspots through simple mobile app – World Cleanup app:, and help create the most detailed database of mismanaged waste – World Waste Platform: WHY WASTE MAPPING? Waste mapping helps to raise awareness of the global waste pollution problem and reduce “trash blindness”*. Waste mapping is needed for World Cleanup Day (15 September 2018) preparations – data collected by mapping process helps to calculate resources (bags, gloves, water etc) and a number of volunteers needed for cleaning it up. Waste mapping is giving a valuable input for scientists to work on waste prevention solutions. Through mapping we can create together the first global dataset that will enable everybody to see the bigger picture and look for global, sustainable solutions. Adding a trashpoint to the map may seem like a small thing, but you’re also doing a citizen science! Data collected from different waste mapping apps is visualised in World Waste Platform: *Trash blindness - a situation in which a society or its individual members are either: • so used to their current waste pollution problem that they do not even notice it; • consciously choosing not to recognise waste pollution, and/or the possible consequences of it, as a problem. WHAT HAPPENS TO THE WASTE? As mentioned before, the data collected will be an important input for organizing World Cleanup Day on 15 September 2018. World Cleanup Day is planning to mobilize 5% of the population of 150 countries. The idea grew out of a spontaneous national initiative in Estonia in 2008. Since then, Let’s Do It! World movement has mobilized nearly 20 million people from around the globe. World Cleanup Day on 15 September 2018 will form an epic green wave – beginning in New Zealand and travelling around the world, with millions of volunteers taking action in their country as the Day passes through their time zone, before ending in Hawaii. This will be a global wake-up call to show the extent of waste pollution as well as a call to take action! Let’s make history together!