Marblar unleashes collective creativity on unused inventions. We post cool science from around the world & let you come up with clever ways to use it. Earn rewards, meet inventors, join startups. We have found a way to link biotin to a variety of compounds using a bond that is resistant to enzyme degradation, while maintaining biotin's ultra-high affinity to streptavidin. We’d love to hear what you could come up with in terms of specific applications for it! Given how widely used biotin is in biology, there must be a myriad of other applications out there we haven’t considered yet – can’t wait to hear what you come up with! A great idea would: -Make use of the linker’s unique advantage, i.e. that it retains high specificity while being resistant to biotinidase; -Have strong commercial potential (what’s the market?); -Include some specifics on how to move the idea forward, i.e. technical details, potential industry partners etc.