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BioBlitz is coming to Margaret River! The BioBlitz is a celebration of science in nature that aims to build a picture of local biodiversity. We're inviting the whole community to join our team of experts to discover what's living in Margaret River's "A" Class Reserve. Specialists will lead guided walks and activities to locate and identify as many different species of flora and fauna as possible. Everything the "citizen scientists" find will be documented to monitor local wildlife. Night Surveys on Friday 13th November will feature bat detectors, frog surveying, spotlighting and fun with mammal cameras. The Discovery Day program on Saturday 14th November includes hands-on activities with invertebrates, plants, water sampling and rescue animals as well as bird surveys and indigenous perspectives. Join our team of naturalists, scientists & volunteers to have fun, explore & learn together in Margaret River's "A" Class Reserve. This event is funded by Royalties for Regions Community Chest Funding from the South West Development Commission.