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An important prerequisite to manipulating DNA is accurate and consistent pipetting. Biotechnology research and development requires that small volumes of liquid, sometimes less than 1 millionth of a litre, be accurately pipetted. Get started with these three easy-to-use quality micropipettes. Each micropipette in this set has an adjustable volume selector, allowing you to pipette different range volumes, from 0.50 uL to 1 mL. Use these micropipettes to complete the pipetting learning exercise with the Pipette-it Kit, and complete your at-home, class, or community lab set-up, to be well on your way to becoming a pipetting pro! Don't forget to watch our beginner-friendly Pipette Introduction video on YouTube once you receive your set. Each micropipette in this set allows you to pipette a different range of volumes, from 0.50 microliter (uL) all the way to 1 milliliter (mL) with an adjustable volume selector: • The P1000 pipette can measure volumes of 100 uL to 1,000 uL (1,000 uL = 1 mL) • The P100 pipette can measure volumes of 10.0 uL to 100.0 uL • The P10 pipette can measure volumes of 0.50 uL to 10.00 uL • Each pipette is a single-channel pipette, which means it only pulls in from one source liquid at a time (as opposed to multi-channel pipettes). • These pipettes have an easy-to-read display for the volume and are easy to set. • The volume can be locked once set to prevent any accidental volume changes. • Each pipette has a different color cap to help quickly identify them, • These pipettes can be used left & right-handed. • Systemic Error: • P10: 1% (10 uL) - 2.5% (1 uL) • P100: 0.80% (100 uL) - 3% (10 uL) • P1000: 0.60% (1000 uL) - 3% (100 uL)