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Marine and coastal environments are the ones with the fewest conservation units (a type of Marine Protected Area (MPA)) in Brazil, and the need for greater attention to these areas is urgent. The "Monitore Tupinambás" project emerged with the purpose to test a simple, quick and low-cost tool for the long-term monitoring of the organisms of MPAs, integrating employees, researchers and citizen scientists, in order to assist in the management of these areas. If we know which are the organisms and how they vary through time, we can better plan their conservation in the MPAs. This project is currently being tested and is divided into two stages: (1) The photographic record of the rocky shore organisms; (2) The analysis of the photos. Stage 1 was held on Ilha das Palmas (Ubatuba, São Paulo state, southeastern Brazil), one of the islands belonging to the Tupinambás Ecological Station (ESEC Tupinambás), with the assistance of its employees. Now, for the Step (2), your help is crucial! Help us monitor ESEC Tupinambás and learn more about these important environment!