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Participants will be involved in the current dinosaur excavation which involves at least four different species of dinosaurs that lived about 75 million years ago. Join for one day or more for a truly hands-on experience. And who knows? Maybe you’ll even unearth a new species of your own! We provide all the tools you need to dig up dinosaur bones. There is no experience required on digs at The Montana Dinosaur Center and we accept participants of all ages. The day starts at 9am at The Montana Dinosaur Center, where you’ll be driven to the day’s location. You’ll learn about the local and geologic history on the way and once we arrive out in the field, that’s when the fun really begins. We’ll teach you all the techniques and tricks of the trade such as current paleontology principles, fossil excavation techniques, jacketing and transporting fossils safely. You’ll also learn how to properly record and document the finds you make.