Bristol Zoological Society has set up camera traps throughout the rainforests of one of the most biodiverse regions of Central Africa, in the small country of Equatorial Guinea. Monte Alén National Park (MANP) is home to over 15 species of primates, including the Critically Endangered Western Lowland Gorilla and Central Chimpanzees. The main threat to these species, and to most mammals in this region, is the illegal hunting of wildlife. Bristol Zoological Society is working with INDEFOR-AP, the body of the EG government responsible for protected area management, to monitor threatened wildlife and the level of illegal activity within MANP. Our cameras will help us to determine how apes and other species are distributed throughout the park in relation to hunting, and give us insight into their group sizes, if they are still reproducing, and any visible signs of disease. This key information will help the INDEFOR-AP to come up with strategies for combatting illegal hunting and identify key areas within the park that requires strengthened protection, as well key villages in which to start community conservation initiatives.