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Scientists and naturalists conduct biological surveys and take members of the public along to help collect, observe, record and learn. BioBlitz events are hands-on, scientific fun, designed around making discoveries, sharing talents, and igniting the interests of participants. How will the Morialta BioBlitz run? The BioBlitz will run over two days. The first day is a Friday, with the daytime activities reserved for school classes. After the schools leave, survey activities with the public will begin. The events will run until about 11pm on the Friday night to allow for nocturnal activities like frog searches, spotlighting for mammals, light-trapping of moths and acoustic recording of bats. On the Saturday, activities will commence around 8am and run until 4pm, with a variety of biological surveys, including birds, mammals, weeds, ants, orchids, soil fauna, and many more. All of the biodiversity we find will be recorded and shared through the Atlas of Living Australia. See our video to learn more: