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Nappy Science Gang is a user-led citizen science project for cloth nappy (diaper) users turned detectives - answering the questions that really matter to them, using science! From what's the best washing routine for cloth nappies to will they affect my child's walking? We're investigating it all, discussing it among ourselves, inviting experts and specialist scientists to tell us what they know, THEN designing and running our own experiments to find answers to our questions. We're getting advice from scientists and other exerts, but our volunteers are in the driving seat. Participants choose the questions they want to find answers for, organise themselves into teams and design the experimental protocols as well as running the experiments. So Nappy Science Gang is truly turning people into allround scientists! Our experiments are well under way now and we expect to have all our results in January. We've already had one success though, as our investigations have lead to the NHS (the UK National Health Service) changing it's recommendations on washing baby items. More info