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Engage with flash talks, posters, or workshops related to the general theme of the intersection of citizen science and institutions of higher education. Can citizen science improve higher education? Can higher education improve citizen science? What roles can community colleges, private colleges, land-grant universities, historically black colleges and universities, and other institutions of higher education play in introducing students to citizen science? How can local communities partner with students and faculty in higher education in carrying out citizen science for environmental justice and actionable solutions? How can science centers, museums, and environmental educators partner with institutions of higher education for best practices in citizen science? How might K-12 teachers, government agencies, and industry partner with institutions of higher education for innovations in citizen science? Explore these questions and many, many more! Everyone will be part of the networking lunch. We hope that practitioners, students, researchers, educators, organizers, and citizen science volunteers will take advantage of all the day has to offer. You are invited to submit proposals by Feb 17 for giving talks, posters, and workshops.