The Nebraska Bumble Bee Atlas is a collaborative project to track and conserve bumble bees throughout the state. Our goal is to gain a better understanding of the distribution of Nebraska's native bumble bees. This will help us to more effectively enact conservation measures that will benefit these important native pollinators. ​Bumble bees are essential pollinators in our natural landscapes, as well as in gardens and on farms. Nebraska is home to ca. 20 different bumble bees and includes a mix of species found in both the eastern and western United States. However, many of our bumble bees are in trouble and face an uncertain future. Nebraska Game and Parks has identified four of the state’s bumble bees as Species of Greatest Conservation Need. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has partnered with the Xerces Society to support bumble bee conservation, but professional scientists can only reach so far in a large state. The missing partner is you - become a community scientist and join us!
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