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Discover the secret services provided by the trees in your neighborhood. Trees provide a whole host of benefits to us, including absorbing CO2 and pollution from the air, cooling local areas during hot summers as well as improving our health, reducing energy usage and lots more. This project will connect you with other citizen scientists in the area to record information on the trees that grow in your area. You will be helping collect data to be used by us and by the US Forest Service’s i-Tree team to better understand the benefits that these trees deliver. Mission actions: 1. Map trees you find in your neighborhood 2. Photograph the trees. In particular try and get photos of leaves, flowers, fruit and bark of the tree as this helps us to identify the species if you don't know it. 3. Measure the trunk diameter. 4. Identify the species if you know it. You can also record notes and hashtags on a tree with any other useful information that you think is worth including.