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For this project, which is open to anyone that lives on or near the NC State campus, participants will be finding and photographing the insects and other life that they find in their homes, dorms and apartments. They will upload their findings to a public database through the iNaturalist mobile app. There will be prizes for students and/or student groups that find the most species! This groundbreaking project will the be the first comprehensive examination of the biodiversity of the indoor spaces of a college campus. In fact, it’s quite possible that students will find a species completely new to science. This research will help scientists in the Dunn Lab at NCSU better understand the diversity and distribution of arthropods, and how different environments are home to different kinds of life. So join us, submit your observations, and get out there and explore the great indoors, one of the least-studied ecosystems on earth! ***This project is for NC State Campus only. For the global Never Home Alone project, please see