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The Friends of the Saskatoon Afforestation Areas guest speaker will present an introductory talk, "Global Crusader and Changemaker” that brings us closer to our connection with Richard St. Barbe Baker and his roots in Saskatoon. What role do the stories told about the Saskatoon afforestation areas- these laboratories in ecological succession- have in shaping urban long range plans, and as nature based solutions to climate change? Conservationist Richard St. Barbe Baker, the extraordinary visionary behind the International Tree Foundation, leads campaigns around the world including the reclamation projects for the world's deserts and protection of virgin forests from destruction. Award Winning Christopher Chapman archival footage brings this historic figure to life. This Riley Deacon - directed documentary features Baker’s tree sense urging and encouraging every citizen to plant, protect and love their native trees. Baker’s message is inspirational. Hear from people locally and from around the world who knew Baker and attest to Baker’s success and motivational formula.