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A Noise Refuge is a designated space designed to escape the noise of everyday life. They can be found in parks, gardens, and even your local libraries! Noise Refuges aim to promote focus and relaxation by providing a calm and quiet alternative to loud environments. Your mission is simple: Find a Noise Refuge in your neighborhood! Use the Noise Project Decibel Meter App on your smartphone to track the noise levels of your neighborhood. Map your noise data to the app’s community map so you and your neighbors can find some peace and quiet! the app will ask a few questions to describe your experience for each location that you choose. Once completed, use the QR code to take the noise survey and submit your data, which will be collected by the National Science Foundation. Choose a time of the day when there is the most activity in your neighborhood. Determine a path that includes 3-5 safe and accessible test locations near your home to test sound levels. What places in your neighborhood produce the most noise? How about the least noise? Your journey should be completed in less than 1 hour.