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Observe, take pictures and report the observed non-native tree and plant species you see in India. Take pictures and send back to add it to the a larger data base of non-native trees in India. Volunteers who are aware of the plant or tree that they see to be non-native can directly take its picture and send it to us to add to the larger data base with its name if if they know it. Volunteers can report with local and scientific names both or even leave the name blank and we can try google reverse image-search and expert review to find out which tree or plant it is. Along with the picture and names, volunteers are required to send the exact location with street and city or village where it was observed with the help of google or other Maps. If they can't be sure then at least the name of the city or town or village will suffice. All this data will be available for the public to conduct further research on the impacts of these species and their populations.