The North Carolina Council of Churches  is excited to partner with the SciStarter online citizen science hub. We want you to think like a citizen scientist and see creation with eyes of wonder. Anyone, with any level of experience, can participate in the projects featured on this page to move science forward. By participating in these projects, you can turn your curiosity and wonder about the world into impact — you're doing real science.       Create an Account      You're logged in to your account now Create an account with SciStarter, the citizen science hub here: Get Started     Help us Get to Know You Contribute to SciQuest, a research project that helps us learn about you and your experiences as a citizen scientist. SciQuest     Foundations of Citizen Science Tutorial   Learn Citizen Science basics, participation in projects and make the most of SciStarter in this self-guided, free training module. Plus, you'll earn a Citizen Science Badge!  Start Tutorial   Participate!   Choose one project or try them all!