The Heat Watch campaign will occur on a single day on one of the hottest weekend days of the year in 2021, probably sometime around late July or early August. Volunteers will need to use their own car for the campaign. On the day of the campaign, volunteers will pick up a sensor from a designated location which can be mounted to the window of their car. Each volunteer will have a specific route they will drive at three different times of the day, once in the morning, afternoon, and evening. The volunteers will then drop off their sensors at a designated location. Volunteers should expect a full day commitment for participating in the campaign, as well as a 45-minute digital training session beforehand. If we cannot get enough volunteers to commit a full day to the campaign, we can look into splitting routes with multiple volunteers. For example, one volunteer drives a route in the morning and afternoon and another volunteer drives the same route in the evening. For more information about Heat Watch, see here