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Join us on Thursday, July 20, 2023, from 7:00 – 8:00 PM ET, to celebrate the 54th anniversary of the first landing on the Moon. July 20th is the anniversary of the 1969 Moon landing, when American astronauts became the first humans to land on the moon. To celebrate this historic event, join us as we share 21st century space science from NASA, including projects that we can all participate in! In this Science Update, participants will learn about NASA research that we can do together. After learning about the first moon landing, participants will explore active NASA science projects. Bring your curiosity and get ready to turn your curiosity into impact through NASA science that we can do together! All individuals receive a certificate of participation and 100 NSTA activity points for attending the live seminar and completing the end-of-program survey. A certificate of participation is not awarded for watching the recorded version of the program. We invite you to register for upcoming web seminars at NSTA. Register today to participate in this web seminar. Upon registering you will receive an e-mail confirmation including information about the program and suggested links to visit in preparation of the event. Additional information about the web seminar will be e-mailed to you days before the program. New Users: Log in 15 minutes prior to the start time for an introduction to NSTA web seminars. Each web seminar is a unique, stand-alone, program. Archives of the web seminars and the presenters' PowerPoint presentations will be available through the links on this web page. Read answers to frequently asked questions from participants: For more information contact: