Join ACSA Qld with guest speaker Helen Schwencke. Helen will speak about her journey in discovering the very specific and intricate relationships between butterfly caterpillars and their host plants. She encourages us to observe and record the invertebrates that visit, live and rely on the native plants in our backyards. About Helen Schwencke: Helen is passionate about Life on Earth as the truly wonderous, amazing, intricately and exquisitely complex and beautiful thing that it is, all the more especially all the little creatures and how they live their lives and maintain a healthy environment that also supports us. Having been given a list of butterfly host plants in the 1980s this led to her becoming involved in butterfly gardening and establishing the Butterfly & Other Invertebrates Club in 1994. In the meantime she has co-authored three books, has been a frequent public speaker, and managed the Butterfly & Other Invertebrates Project at Woodfordia, the home of the Woodford Folk Festival for 16 years til 2018. Helen is steward to a 33 year old butterfly and wildlife garden in West End Brisbane, and continues her work as a citizen scientist and science communicator and is turning her attention to fireflies and their lifecycles and habitat needs.