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Islandwood is leading Kitsap County to participate in the 2020 City Nature Challenge – a nature observation event using the iNaturalist app. Celebrate Earth Day 2020 by participating in City Nature Challenge! The City Nature Challenge will take place in two parts: April 24 - 27: Observe! Take and upload pictures of wild plants and animals April 28 - May 4: Observation identifications Are you interested in participating in City Nature Challenge 2020? Do you want to help motivate other people to participate? What questions do you have about participating in City Nature Challenge in light of current public health guidelines due to the COVID-19 pandemic? Please join us for a web-based City Nature Challenge orientation and discussion – we invite anyone who is interested in learning about biodiversity, and climate change to get involved to help build the iNaturalist nature database. Even observations from your window or in your backyard are important! In this web-based meeting, Islandwood Community Education Manager, Mary Meier; Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Area Habitat Biologist, Nam Siu; Scistarter staff, Robin Salthouse and Caroline Nickerson will discuss why documenting biodiversity in Kitsap County is important, and lead you through an introduction to the online biodiversity observation tool, iNaturalist. We will share tips for making and documenting observations of the many wild birds, bugs and plants that call Kitsap County home. You will also learn how to help your family, friends and others in your community participate in City Nature Challenge. We will provide time for discussion about how to safely participate, and help others participate in light of our current global health situation. Prior to the event you are encouraged to: 1. Set up an iNaturalist account, and download the app if you are using mobile devices at 2. Create a SciStarter account to find additional citizen science projects and track participation.