I have over twelve thousand personal research files I have accumulated since 2016 when I built my first spectrometer, I specialize in organic dyes used for staining in microbiology, but I have done research in crude oils and olive oils also. I started this project because one can search the internet fruitlessly for spectral data, especially specific data, and it is severely limited in scope and the data that is plentiful, is financially out of reach for most of us citizen scientist! I am uploading my entire lab files (csv,) both raw and processed data type, so it will take some time to get them all up but it shall be done. I am also making this project completely open sourced and "free," no license, no fuss. Contributions are what will make this database a success! They can come from anywhere in the world, any scientist whether amature or professional can contribute, the catagories are; 1) Organic spectra 2) Inorganic spectra 3) IR absorption spectra 4) Raman 5) Fluorescence 6) Flame atomic spectra 7) NMR 8) Reflectance spectroscopy The list can go on, but I hope you get the picture, what ever the contributor's think is pertinent and relevent.