OSDG is a citizen science initiative that aims to bring together the knowledge and expertise of people from around the world to better understand the nature of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Who are we? OSDG is a partnership between PPMI, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) SDG AI Lab, and a growing community of researchers led by Dr. Nuria Bautista Puig. We have developed an open-source tool, available at https://www.osdg.ai, for classifying text and publications into the different SDGs, that any user can use. We also want to expand the reach of the OSDG tool and services beyond the English-speaking world. The philosophy of the project is based on an open community, and its solutions are open source. How does it work? Through the community platform, you can help us to improve the OSDG tool and provide your vision of what is really a contribution to the goals. Tagging text will be the first phase, but other tasks will be included throughout the journey. Your contribution would be fundamental. Join the community!
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