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Interested in scientific research and becoming a Citizen Scientist? The Oyster Spat Monitoring project is holding a workshop to teach you how! The Statewide Oyster Spat Monitoring (OSM) project is a volunteer‐based environmental monitoring project established by the UNCW Benthic Ecology Laboratory in 2007. The objective of this project is to collect oyster larvae settlement data throughout coastal NC in order to increase oyster populations! Volunteers will be responsible for deploying and retrieving their "Spat Racks" in the water and counting the number of oysters that land on them. The workshop will go over the background of the project and provide materials and instructions to citizen scientists. Interested volunteers can register for the workshop using this form or contact the Coastal Resiliency Ambassador at *Please note, our volunteer citizen scientists for OSM are required to have legal access to a dock or suitable location, such as private marsh access, and are asked to collect data for 12 months.