Participating is free and there is no membership for Cartoscope. The Unique Mappers Team of Nigeria has partnered with Cartoscope, Healthy Gulf, and Northeastern University to create the Land Pollution Lookout project. Last year, the project launched during Citizen Science Month, and this month, we're back for another challenge. The Land Pollution Lookout project empowers volunteers from around the world to investigate or identify oil spills in the Niger Delta by classifying images. There will be two webinars -- an intro webinar on April 10 at 4 PM EST to get instructions for how you and/or a team can participate in the sprint, and a closing webinar recapping results on April 17 at 4 PM EST. The webinars are live, interactive online events produced in partnership with SciStarter. If you’d like to participate in the challenge with a team, form the team with your friends, family, and colleagues offline, and then whenever you get to the point in participation in the project where you’re directed to the SciStarter credit form, please enter the team name you all agreed on! You can find the project here: