Echium plantagineum, Echium vulgare Paterson's curse and viper's bugloss [Paterson's curse]( and viper's bugloss are toxic winter pasture weeds that outcompete pasture crops and poison grazing animals. Six biocontrol agents have been released in Australia to combat the spread of Paterson's curse and viper's bugloss. 1. Paterson's curse leaf miner *Dialectica scalariella* 2. Paterson's curse crown weevil *Mogulones larvatus* 3. Paterson's curse flea beetle *Longitarsus echii* 4. Paterson's curse pollen beetle *Meligethes planiusculus* 5. Paterson's curse root weevil *Mogulones geographicus* 6. Paterson's curse stem-boring beetle *Phytoecia coerulescens* The combined actions of these six biocontrol agents is expected to help control and prevent the spread of Paterson's curse and viper's bugloss weeds in Australia. The Paterson's curse leaf miner was the first biocontrol agent to be released and has now established in temperate regions of Australia. The Paterson's curse crown weevil, root weevil and flea beetle are have established large and widespread populations, which have been recorded to severely impact Paterson's curse populations, causing extensive dieback of plants. The Paterson's curse stem-boring beetle and pollen beetle have both established since their field release programs, however they are yet to be recorded in high populations capable of impacting the target weed. News, field guides and other resources for Paterson's curse can be found on the [Paterson's curse project page]( For other weed targets and their resources go to the Atlas of Living Australia's [Biocontrol Hub](