Join SciStarter at Lucien E Blackwell Library for Science after School. Science after School is part of the Philadelphia Science Festival celebrating STEM for everyone. This event will take place at a local library and encourage students and adults after work and school to contribute to citizen science. At the library, you will be able to talk to people that work at SciStarter, an online database connecting people to citizen science projects all over the world. You will be guided through contributing data to some of these projects. First is ZomBees, a project that is tracking the spread of a fly that parasitizes and kills honey bees. You can observe samples of parasitized bees, learn how to set up traps for them in your own backyard, and how to report possible ZomBees. You can also take pictures of clouds to make sure that NASA satellite data is accurate. Take the time to also find ways to get involved in local citizen science projects. Check The Franklin’s page for more details:
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