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Welcome to Project: Z-NEV! All are welcome here no matter where you are in the world. This Meetup group meets in physical locations in Portland, Oregon (USA) as well as through interactive virtual technologies with participants around the globe. We're inviting the world to participate in an open-source project to turn a 91-year-old, 82-foot wooden yacht named Denali into Z-NEV; the worlds first open-source zero-net energy vessel that will serve as a learning laboratory where people of all ages can learn about STEM concepts. This project is more about the journey than the destination. We want to learn about all kinds of things through this experience. Z-NEV will teach us a lot about a new pedagogy that is developing through the VR world, collaborative problem solving and much more. Our team currently has several scientists, engineers, naval architects, boat builders educators, students, companies, schools and participants from around the world. Please visit our website to learn more about Z-NEV ( and sign up on our Basecamp project ( to be involved in the design discussions. We look forward to learning and innovating with you!